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Website Packages

Launch My Site

Fully Equipped

Webmaster Services

The webmaster ensures proper changes and modifications to your site when needed, just email us directly


Your website`s look is our credibility, we ensure customer satisfaction to make your site fit your business and it`s look

Number of Web pages provided

Each page is processed with necessary information for your website

Pre-loaded site

We offer site with customized information in advance and modify it according to your likes

Image Gallery

Upload personal pictures or modify images to best suit your site
Not Included
20 photos


We can integrate your company logo onto your website
Not Included

Domain Name

Our packages come with 1 name or you can create your own

Website Modifications

We modify images and information according to what you want

Contact Form

Your contact us page will include a contact us form where you can receive client information by e-mail.

Video  Combination

Add a video to your site to show your work in action!

Technical Support team

Our staff will help you with your questions and direct you through information when needed

Mapping Strategies
Shows the direct location and provides directions how to navigate to get to your address


Why not Purchase additional pages, information or pictures to keep your website looking it`s best

Monthly Packages

Basic $74.99
per Month

Mainstream $104.99
per Month

E-mail Support

Having your personal email account interfaced onto your website is paramount, your email is now the window box of opportunity

Customer Service

Need help? Do you want to modify your site? Our staff is here to direct you


Web hosting can be safely& effectively used all year around!

Webmaster Services

The webmaster ensures proper changes and modifications to your site when needed, just email us directly

Webmaster support

Our designers provide additional tools& technical support at your convenience

Domain Administrator

Our web hosting is fast, reliable and easy to use, our professionals will transfer domains between registrars easily so it`s no stress for you

On-Site SEO

Re-optimizing your site from time to time is our duty, technical data is re-assessed on your website on a continuous basis

Google Plus Optimization

Our top priority is your visibility online therefore enhancing your ranking on Google

Use of Social Media

By staying connected to social media your clients will be able to receive constant updates and news directly

With your service fee you’re covered all year around to modify and change images, data, information and current news on your site.

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